How Online Advertisements are Perceived by Internet Users in India?

The fact that India ranks third in the internet population is reason enough for online promoters to find effective ways to reach out to them. In the competitive world, it is imperative to be accessible if one were to establish their online presence. However, it is the responsibility of online promoters to know how well their advertisements cater to the needs and about their utility value from the point of view of the people.

It Is Shopping ‘All The Way’ From Home

With internet on the scene, shopping style of the people has seen a sea of change. Shopping online offers various benefits, which include shopping at one’s comfort, reaching out to global stores and quick comparison of quality and rate offered by various stores. Earlier when people ventured out to shop, they had so many aspects to consider right from accessibility to the shop, quality, price, visibility of products displayed to find out the rate and date of expiry and of course, how they were attended by the sales force. With online shopping, the question of accessibility does not arise. A good online store ensures that its website is user friendly to cater to the needs of the users. Now, the only question in front of the user is how to identify the right shop as most of them look and sound similar. This is exactly where online advertisements play an effective role.

How Reliable Do Viewers Find Online Advertisements

Ranked behind China and United States in internet population, Indian internet users browse net for various purposes. While for some it is entertainment, it is life for some. While a certain section of the society use online for socializing, a larger section is trying hard to find jobs to earn a living. Be it earning or entertainment, shopping or education, online platform has become the natural source of information. With plenty of information and offers available online, viewers depend on online advertisements to guide them.

Advertisements have always played a major role in a business establishment. Starting from the olden days when it was word of mouth to the present time when everything is online, advertisements play an effective role in the decision making of the consumer. While regular shoppers do have their favorite online stores, the ‘consumer mind’ always looks for better options. Apart from a select few who remain loyal to their regular online store, majority of the people look for change and hence naturally are inclined to tread the path the ads lead them, be it for shopping or booking tickets online.

Viewers’ View

Online advertisements are naturally after viewers but how useful are they to the viewers? Are viewers equally after online advertisements when they are in need of information? Let us see what iamai report says on the viewers’ viewpoint on online advertisements.

Image Source: IMRB International

The statistics reveal certain interesting facts. 42% of the internet population feels that online ads are a distraction. 41% of the internet users claim that they avoid clicking ads and 35% actually find online ads irritating. However, 67% of the users say that they click ads that are relevant to them and 62% feel that online ads were helpful in identifying the right product. In spite of so many negative attitudes exhibited by the users, 61% of them admit that online ads play a decisive role in their decision-making. The numbers go to show that when people need they do look for ads, which are otherwise irritating to them. The bottom line is online ads are helpful in most cases but unfortunately, online ads have not appropriately tapped the potential. Out of the 67% of the internet users who click ads when they are searching for a product or service, it turns out to be a success story only for 62%. It shows that there is a lot more to be done and a huge void to be filled by appropriate presence.

Be Viewed To Stay Stronger and Longer

It is quite natural for people to avoid ads when they are not looking for a product or service. We see this attitude reflecting on all forms of advertisements. Thanks to remote, people do not remain on a channel for a second more when there is a display of ad, unless they need it or the ad is too impressive to pass by. As people browse online for various purposes, one cannot expect irrelevant ads to occupy their time and space. You would not want to know what is on offer on an exclusive electronic online store when you are desperately searching for a job to earn your income for next month. Ads that are content-rich stay in the minds of people and when there is a need, they will rightly recall the ad that had engaged their mind. As people are getting more accustomed to be internet-oriented for their various needs including banking, shopping and a lot more, online advertisements with quality content and genuine suggestions are sure to attract people. However good an online ad may be, it is not possible to expect every one that clicks it will become a customer to the site. The success lies in the traffic the ads encourage and better the traffic, greater the results, if not today, tomorrow.

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