Zindagi Ne Zindagi bhar Ghum Diye....

Movie : The Train
Song : Zindagi Ne Zindagi bhar Ghum Diye
Music : Mithoon
Lyrics : Sayeed Qadri
Singers : Mithoon, Kshitij Tarey

Zindagi Ne Zindagi bhar Ghum Diye,
Jitane Bhi Mausam Diye Sab Num Diye.

Life is full of struggle. Life is so very cruel. Whatever it gives it takes the best test possible. In other words it gives only to those who deserves and doesn't give to the person who cannot cope up with its fights.

Jab Tadapata Hai Kabhi Apana Koi
Khun Ke Aansu Rula De Bebasi

We see someone dying or struggling to death infront of us but we are helpless and can do nothing. We have to simply drink that haplessness. We are there. We are useless.

Ji Ke Phir Karana Kya Mujhko Aisi Jindagi
Jisane Jakhmon Ko Nahi Marham Diye
Zindagi Ne Zindagi bhar Ghum Diye

Is this cruel life worth living for. This life never gave us the medicines for our inner wounds. We search our own treatment and apply. Life gives what it has to give. It is we who have to suffer all sorts.

Apane Bhi Pesh Aaye Hamase Ajnabee
Waqt Ki Saajish Koi Samajha Nahi
Beiraada Kuchh Khataaye Hamase Ho Gayi

Life is so very colour changing. People whom we consider our very own become strangers sometimes and in times when we really need them. We can never understand the traits & plan of the time. We are mere puppets. We are nothing.

Raah Mein Patthar Meri Har Dam Diye
Jindagi Ne Jindagi bhar Ghum Diye
Jitane Bhi Mausam Diye Sab Num Diye

You have lots of difficulties to face in life.

Ik Mukkamal Kashamkash Hai Jindagi
Usane Hamase Ki Kabhi Na Dosti
Jab Mili Mujhko Aansu Ke Woh tofe De Gayi

Life is simply a struggle. Its just struggle and struggle. Life is never a good friend of ours. Whenever we meet life it leaves us with lots of snobs and sniffles and tears.

Has Sake Hum Aise Mauke Kam Diye
Zindagi Ne Zindagi bhar Ghum Diye
Jitane Bhi Mausam Diye Sab Num Diye

Very rarely does it gives us chances to laugh. Isn't it.

This is the song which I have been listening to these days. In all the ways the lyrics of this seems so true and appealing. Its totally based on the hard part of life itself. Sometimes it really happens like this. Isn't it?
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