OYE Welcome hai ji !!!


I am Yogesh Goel and if you are here then you know me in some way or the other. Welcome to my profile page which envisages the many activities I do and take part on the internet. I can be found in many places on the internet and if you find me interesting and worthy of you then you can connect with me at the links given all over this page. Sure maybe we can share a thought or two as we go along.

I used to blog on this very website but now I have closed down due to my impatience to maintain a dedicated blog. But I am still active everywhere possible. I have my own business of Iron and Steel. I maintain and run the blog 123 SMSFUN - World's Largest collection of text messages of all types. I am a level 5 google local guide. I write reviews on Tripadvisor and Zomato. I rant on Facebook and Twitter. I maintain a several facebook pages too. I am basically in all places where there are people. So come aboard and lets connect and have a blast of a time.

Till then have a great life and have a wondrous day.

Take care,
Be Well,
Yours ever in all the ways,