When love is not madness, it is not love.

Condoms aren't completely SAFE. A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a BUS.

wil u not act if ur mother is suffering frm CANCER

Enemies make ME Famous.

δm ÑõT BêÃŭTîFûL LïKë Ü… δm BêÃŭTîFûL LïKë Mé.

It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away...

Always Expect The Unexpected.

If you're going to point a gun, you'd better be ready to pull the trigger.

If u Like Me..Raise Ur Hands...
Else Raise Ur STANDARDS...

"Value has a Value Only if its Value is Valued"


I'miss'u Like'd Desert's Miss'd Rain.

...And I miss u. Like the deserts miss the rain.

Actors Are Better Politicians Or Politicians Are Better Actors?

Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.

"I can't escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand !!! "

Success is when your Signature becomes Autograph.

"To catch me, you gotta be fast...
To beat me, you gotta be strong...
But to be me? Damn, you gotta be kiddin!!!"

bєєи тhєяє ☆ dσиє тhคт.

¤~¤ If GOD Brings U To It ¤~¤ He'll Bring U Thru It ¤~¤

Someone told me to be positive........
And I told them I'm B+ive.............. positiveness flows in my blood and veins.....


I am still on earth.. because there's a goddess here who loves me more..

we all luv to spend lots of money on buying clOthes But never realize tht d best tym r njoyed widout clothes !

♥ ι'м jєαloυs oƒ τнє ρєoρlє yoυ єvєя нυggєδ ♥
♥ coz ƒoя α мoмєητ τнєy нolδ мy ωнolє ωorlδ ♥

ѕαмηє нαι Jσ υѕєу ℓσg вυяα кєнтє нαιη☆Jιѕкσ ∂єкнα внι ηαнιη υѕкσ кнυ∂α кєнтє нαιη.

Out of all your lies , you said to me
I love you
was mine Favorite.

IM ready to die in love
im ready to kill in love

"Mary had a little lamb. The doctor was surprised."

Devilz call me -DAD.

God is Busy. May i help you!

"God can't save you. Come to me".

well behaved women seldom make history.

" Every tear has a smile behind it."

pAiN !s LoVe ??? LoVE !s pAin ??? Then Fu.Ck oFF lOvE nd Ride oFF pAin ???

Main raaste badalta nahi,,,,Raaste banata hun..!!

Do patte to chipak hi gaye the,lekin Rani ne saath nai diya, apne Zindagi me koi queen nai he na isiliye patto me v nai aati..!!

Apne kismat ka Suraj v ek din Niklega,Ek din Jannat apne kadmo me hogi, ek din duniya me apna v Sikka chalega..!!

Maine Maut ko bahut kareeb se dekha hai,Kisi aur ki Zindagi k Liye Marna hi meri Manzil hai..!!

" I'm lost please take me home with you"

Revenge is sweeter when served with a smile

"Life is Great but could be better"

"i love SEX( Sleep Eat Xercise)"

Together we are Stronger. Respect India.

* On a black t-shirt -"Inside out"

* On Tyson Gay's t-shirt - "Gay"

* On an old man's t-shirt - "Father's day present"

* On Gay activist's t-shirt - "377"

* on a bollywood barbie's t-shirt - "Up to 50% off. **conditions apply" (also 'What You See Is Not What You Get')

* on a U.P sculptor's t-shirt -"I did it! I carved her!"

* on Salman Khan's t-shirt - "Never being worn"

* on a feminists t-shirt - "My husband is a terrier"

* Post man's t-shirt - "You got mail"

"Behind every successful man, there is a woman and Women go only behind the successful men"

Someone told me to be positive........
And I told them I'm B+ive.............. positiveness flows in my blood and veins.....

¤~¤ If GOD Brings U To It ¤~¤ He'll Bring U Thru It ¤~¤

People die younger.. because god loves them so much..

I am still on earth.. because there's a goddess here who loves me more..


Don't spend maximum time on bed. Only prostitutes make money there.

The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn’t want to be held on to.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Gratitude, like love, is never a dependable international emotion.

I am a hopeless romantic and I love to spoil my girlfriends.

If rain drops were kisses,I could send you showers. if hugs were seas i send you oceans. and if love was a person i send you me!!

Say I love you and mean it,
don't just say it cause you can.

He who has a thousand friends Has not a friend to spare, While he who has one enemy Shall meet him everywhere.

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die.
cute love quotes - falling in love quotes.

Q: How do you keep your boyfriend/husband from reading your e-mail?
A: Rename the mail folder "Instruction Manual."


The ultimate measure of luv is not,
When both people like each other.
But its when 1 ignores,
And the other continues loving.

Do not keep ur dreams in ur eyes..
They may fall as tears..
Keep them in ur heart..
So that every heart beat may remind ..
To convert it into reality..

* New Friedns may be a poem but old ones are alphabets, do not forget alphabates because you will need then to read the poem...!!! *

"The world is not beautiful. Therefore it is." -- in anime Kino's Journey

"Don't let your sense of morals prevent you form doing what is right." -- Isaac Asimov

"Those who think they know everything really annoy those who do."

We often dont express our feelings for fear of loosing a relationship, but the fact is, We often loose a beautiful relationship by not expressing our eeelings... weired.. but True...!!!

I have got a photographic memory, its just that I run out of roll sometime.

God dint promise dat life wud be easy..
But he did promise to be with u..
On every step of the way..
So keep going and hv a beautiful life..

Ultimately we all have to die..
what we do in life echoes in eternity...

"the whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going"...

Learn from history create history &put history behind u

"opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss"

* If Ur eyes r positive, u would like all the people in the world.But,if ur toung is positive, all people in the world will like you...!!! *

"A pessimist is a person,who complains of the noise, when opportunity knocks."

NO n YES are short wordz which need long thot!Most of d troublez in life are result of saying YES too soon or NO too late !!!!!!!!

"The Heights of the Great Man was not attained in the flight..
They were Toiling Upwards when their Companions were Sleeping at Night"

"The Biggest Risk in life is not taking a risk"

"Before you begin on the journey of revenge, dig two graves"

The Greatest Pleasure in life is doing what people say you cant do

Life is a mirror
Which oftn gets misty
Wid the fog of reality..
Try wiping it wid ur faith
And see the clear reflection of ur dreams..!!

Voting is one of the few things where boycotting in protest clearly makes the problem worse rather than better.

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing!! - Emo Philips

“Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best.”

"Freedom is nothing but a chance to get better"

If your wildest dreams always come true . . . you need to update your dreams.

* If you can not be a pencil to write anyone's Happiness, then atleast try to be a nice Eraser to erase anyone's Sorrows...!!! *

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.

if you make it through life with making 1 true friend you have done well!

To realy LUV a WOMAN..
U gotta knw hr deep inside..
HEAR evry thot..
See evry DREAM nd giv her d WINGS..
Wen she wants to FLY.....

I want to be your favorite hello
and your hardest goodbye.......

I don't care how beautiful you are..
All I want to know is the ugly side of you,
the side that deserves more care.....

Tell me and I'll forget;
show me and I may remember;
involve me and I'll understand

There are many things in life that will catch your eye,
but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those.

Never take for granted every person close to your heart,
coz you might wake-up one day and realize that you lost a DIAMOND,
when you were busy collecting stones.

Apologizing doesn't mean that you are wrong & the other is right,
it means that you value the relationship more than your ego...

"Love doesn't require anything of the other gives
without asking everything in return.... "

"Love is when you look into someone's eyes and go all the way inside, to their soul and you both know... instantly."

I may be innocent to know what love is.
I may not show it to you.
I may not love you the way it should be,
but I'm always willing to love you the way I understand it.

Freaked out

Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.

Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it out, It's all about timing...

Life is like a flowing river full of opportunities. It's up to you whether you stand with a bucket or a spoon...

Love hurts when you break up with some one...Hurts even more when someone breaks up with you But love hurts the most when the love has no idea how you feel :(

αьsєисє dιмιиιshєs sмαll lovєs αиd ιисяєαsєs gяєαt oиєs, αs thє wιиd ьlows out thє сαиdlє αиd ьlows uρ thє ьoиƒιяє.....!!!

Give me some Sunshine Give me Some Rain Give me another Chance.... I wanna Grow up once Again

A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily,maybe at the wrong time,maybe too late, or maybe forever.

Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side...But then I spent so many nights...Thinking how you did me wrong.

The audience see a joker as a comedianbt d joker sees himself as a performer.Life is also sameD way v see ourself,may nt b the way othrs see us.

God gives cloth, wood and fire even to a dead man,
It is so sad that the living man keeps worrying...

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing
it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."-Buddha

A good way to change someones attitude is to change our own, because the
same sun that melts butter, also hardens clay!
Life is as we think it, so think beautifully.

"If You Ain't Making Waves, You Ain't Kickin' Hard

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know, but if you listen, you may learn something new...

Awesome Reality:
If one day we were put to exchange all our troubles across the table..
after few moments each one would SILENTLY take his own & leave...

"Zindagi jeo to apne dum pe - auron ke kandho pe to zanaje
nikalte hai"

Don't feel bitter that ppl remember u only when they need u, Feel privileged tat u r like a candle who comes to mind when there is darkness in their life.